About us


AB Medical has years of experience in supplying world’s best solutions for x-ray medical application for manufacturers of x-ray medical equipment. Having direct partnership with leading companies that produce high quality and latest technology equipment we are ready to introduce their products (both — components and complete solutions) within Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland territories. We have rich experience in transport and logistic services as well, we know how delicate medical devices are and we can guarantee safe delivery of your ordered equipment from all manufacturing facilities wherever they are situated.


We have a professional team that can grant any support and help our potential partners and customers to choose the  right solution among numerous available on the market and give an interesting alternative from the products we offer. We have huge experience in supplying different x-ray systems and key components for them, and we decided to introduce the ones we consider to be technically efficient, beautifully designed and reliable.


Our employees can speak Lithuanian, Polish, English and Russian languages and are able to grant best service to all our partners an to ensure the best attention and for our potential customers within Baltic countries and Poland.

We know it is sometimes not easy to make a decision, we are ready to help you!

  • Are you a doctor making a choice for x-ray medical equipment? We are here to support you!
  • Are you a hospital administrator trying to analyse the offers? Give us a call, we will help you!
  • Are you an OEM manufacturer looking for a reliable supplier of key components? We have something to offer you!
  • Are you a service organization in need of spare parts? Just let us know and we’ll try to fulfil your request!
  • Are you thinking to be interested in x-ray medical equipment but don’t yet know what you need to start from? Just contact us and...here we go!


Our mission is to introduce the latest technologies in medical diagnostic that are available on the market to our customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland and help to find the right one that would be most cost-effective and meet all technical and medical requirements.