Portable X-ray devices

With the development and improvement of diagnostic equipment, new opportunities and access to advanced technologies open up for specialists working in various fields. Modern portable X-ray devices enable to examine a person in a variety of conditions, thus ensuring the effectiveness of treatments.

Using high-quality equipment enables to achieve 100% accurate results and create the most optimal treatment regimen, even in critical situations.

Portable devices provide the option to perform X-ray examinations both inside and outside the clinic. Such devices have particular importance when it is necessary to examine patients who are unable to come to the hospital due to certain circumstances or due to their condition.

A portable X-ray device consists directly of an X-ray converter, emitter, and a power supply. The portable device has lower X-ray radiation and, despite its dimensions which are several times smaller than those of stationary equipment, ensures a high-quality image enabling to detect any kind of pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Field of application

Portable systems are used in the following areas:

  • in reanimation and intensive care units (by placing the device next to the patient's bed);

  • at the scenes of accidents;

  • in areas of military action;

  • in veterinary medicine;

  • when conducting forensic examinations;

  • in sports medicine, usually during competitions and matches, when there is a high risk of injury and rapid diagnosis makes it possible to preserve the functionality of the damaged organ of the athlete;

  • in rural areas;

  • at the patient’s home when the patient cannot be transported;

  • in dental centres;

  • when treating pathologies localized in face, oral cavity, jaw, head and neck areas.

Advantages of portable X-ray devices

Modern portable radiography equipment has several features:

  • low radiation effect on the body due to the system being used as the basis of the structure of the equipment (scanning time does not exceed 2 seconds), and due to the fact that such equipment includes special internal protection. However, in any case, both the patient and the healthcare professional must follow all the safety rules during the examination;

  • low weight of the device and convenient transportation. These parameters are particularly important when this device is purchased for a medical team travelling to patients to examine them in their homes or elsewhere outside of the clinic;

  • the device has an internal memory enabling to save time, since there is no more need to process film;

  • high image quality and accuracy. You can also adjust the scan mode;

  • the appearance of portable devices has also brought the option of performing radiography during surgical interventions, which means that the patient can remain in place without having to be transported to an X-ray room;

  • the battery is charged via a normal power outlet and remains charged for a longer period of time, even when examining a number of patients.

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