Medical Display Solutions

Medical imaging requires the highest quality image reproduction, high contrast ratio from any viewing angle, the most accurate colour reproduction and excellent picture quality in Full HD resolution.

Even the most modern consumer displays do not meet these requirements, and therefore are not suitable for use in medicine.

Special medical monitors come to the rescue — professional displays that comply with the DICOM standard. They reliably display even the smallest nuances of medical images obtained by CT, MRI, ultrasound, digital radiography, angiography, etc. At the same time, they guarantee compatibility with other equipment and the PACS system.

Areas of use

Depending on the scope of application, medical monitors are divided into several categories:

  • for clinical medicine;

  • diagnostic;

  • for surgical endoscopy;

  • for ultrasound examinations;

  • for consulting centers.

Benefits of medical monitors

  • The matrix backlight stabilisation system guarantees image durability and constant brightness for the entire period of use;

  • the use of technology of realistic colour reproduction ensures accurate display of images;

  • high contrast technology and a wide viewing angle give an accurate image without distortion for doctors looking at the screen from different angles;

  • the use of protective glass (optional) prevents damage to the matrix and ensures ease of disinfection and maintenance of cleanliness;

  • The optional multitouch function, user-friendly interface, integrated multi-screen support and various image display modes all make it easier for the specialist to work.