One of the most important elements of a modern operating room is the surgical X-ray system. Such an X-ray system must not only be as accurate and functional as it is required, but also as mobile as possible to ensure rapid access to the patient.

Such characteristics can be found in mobile surgical C-arm X-ray machines, which acquired their name from their C-shape-like structure. An X-ray tube is mounted at one end of the tripod, whose shape resembles the letter C, and an X-ray image intensifier is mounted at the other end.

Advantages of mobile C-arm X-ray machines

Mobile C-arm X-ray machines are indispensable for achieving extremely accurate and fast visualization during surgery. These devices provide a high-quality image of the examined organs as well as complete control of the surgical field during the surgery, while the patient receives the lowest possible dose of radiation.

Main advantages of C-arms:

  • high clarity and accuracy of images obtained during diagnostics;

  • automatic calibration and a large viewing angle to ensure the stability and quality of visualization during surgery;

  • automatic X-ray diagnostics parameter control system;

  • protection against magnetic disturbances and geometric distortions;

  • the X-ray equipment is mobile, compact and easy to move;

  • continuous radioscopy process with digital image processing;

  • option to transfer the obtained image to any external monitor without losing the high quality of the image;

  • option to start the radioscopy procedure immediately after switching on the X-ray machine, without wasting any time, which is especially important in cases of urgent surgeries;

  • versatility of mobile C-arm X-ray machines, enabling them to be used in a variety of surgical interventions.

Due to their numerous advantages, mobile C-arms are now widely used in medicine. They are indispensable in a variety of fields such as surgery, traumatology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery, etc.

General principles of the C-arm mechanism

Main elements of mobile C-arm X-ray machines:

  • С-shaped tripod with special handles for changing operating modes. The base of the tripod is a compact mobile cabinet that can be pushed to easily move the X-ray machine from one place to another.

  • Flat detector – a device that ensures high image quality and radiation dose control. Typically, the detector includes a removable grid, a built-in laser, and an automatic image calibration function.

  • One-piece unit with an X-ray tube and cooling system necessary for long surgeries, and pulsed mode necessary to decrease the radiation dose.

  • Monitor on a tripod.

Depending on the class of the mobile X-ray machine, the system can be additionally equipped with various devices that improve and speed up the diagnostic process.

Mobile surgical X-ray systems such as the C-arm are compact, practical, and safe, with a very convenient design. Today, they are able to ensure high accuracy and efficiency of diagnostics, and are particularly promising in terms of further improvement in the future.

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