Stationary X-ray machines are designed for the X-ray diagnosis of various diseases in specially equipped rooms—X-ray rooms. Despite the high popularity of mobile radiography and fluoroscopy, they remain the most sought-after by private and public clinics.

Types of stationary X-ray machines

U-arm device

In this type of installation, the emitter and detector are located on a single rotating support. The unit allows you to take pictures in standing, sitting and lying positions. For taking pictures in the supine position, a special radiolucent therapy table is provided. The systems are widely used for general X-ray examinations, as well as for research in the field of orthopedics and traumatology.

X-ray machine for 2 workplaces

This is the classic and most popular type of X-ray equipment. The system includes an X-ray tube with ceiling or floor mounting, a table for taking pictures in the supine position and a stand for diagnosis in the standing position. The unit is designed for screening and general diagnostics

X-ray units for 3 workplaces

The system is based on a rotary remotely operated stand table. It allows you to carry out all types of radiography, as well as fluoroscopic examinations to assess the state of organs in the process of functioning. Today this type of medical X-ray machines is the most expensive and prestigious.

Criteria for choosing stationary X-ray equipment

  • Image type: analogue or digital

  • Research spectrum: screening, general diagnostic radiography, expert radiography, radiography + fluoroscopy

  • Image quality: depends on the characteristics of the digital panel (for digital devices), generator power, X-ray tube parameters

  • Radiation load: determined by the indicators of the X-ray tube and generator, as well as the digital detector (for digital devices)

  • Performance: depends on exposure time and generator power

  • Tube mounting option: floor or ceiling

  • X-ray table: adjustable, maximum patient weight

  • Dimensions: correspondence of the device to the dimensions of the X-ray room of the clinic

  • Country of origin: South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, etc.

  • Price: the units produced in South Korea are optimal in terms of price and quality.

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