Image Workstation

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The doctor's workstation is an automated workstation (AWS) and includes a set of devices and special software for visual presentation, analysis, processing, transmission and storage of digital medical images.

Typically, the workstation is located:

  • in the control room as the main or additional workstation of the diagnostic equipment manufacturer;

  • in the resident's offices, the offices of the management of health care facilities as an auxiliary complex, when access to the results of the studies performed is required.

A doctor's workstation can be an integral part of a teleradiological system that allows the exchange of research results within the framework of telemedicine (remote) consultations with colleagues from different medical institutions.

Automated workstation set

A radiology physician's workstation may include:

  • Medical diagnostic monitor (or a set of monitors);

  • System unit with installed software;

  • Information input devices (keyboard, mouse, touchpad or touchscreen monitor);

  • A device for printing pictures on paper or film;

  • Scanner for digitizing images from exposed cassettes;

  • Constant power supply and voltage stabilization of the electrical network.


An important indicator of the effectiveness of an automated workplace is the reduction in the time between exposure and image acquisition. The system displays an image in real time on the monitor, allowing the operator to evaluate the quality of the image and the correct positioning of the patient in parallel with the processing of the cassette. In addition to displaying images on the diagnostic display, modern workstations allow creating archives on various storage devices (network drives, CD, DVD, flash cards).

Special software allows you to maintain a structured database, form the dynamics of changes based on existing studies, and plan and maintain a schedule of diagnostic procedures.

How do I purchase equipment?

You can buy a universal workstation for use in radiology rooms on the Medek website or by phone. The company's managers will tell you in detail about the product of interest, its availability and cost. They can help you arrange an instalment plan for purchasing on request. Our technical specialists will provide the necessary training for the successful use of the purchased equipment. We carry out delivery all over Lithuania by any transport company. We also have our own service center to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.