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When dealing with X-ray equipment, spare parts and consumables for X-ray machines should definitely come to your attention. The safety of medical personnel and patients directly depends on the serviceability and functionality of the parts of such devices. In our catalogue you can order consumables and spare parts of various types.

Sources of radiation for replacement in X-ray equipment and their parts:

  • Vidicon (transmitting tube) for various devices. The device converts the luminous flux into a TV signal.

  • Stators (three-phase winding of the X-ray tube).

Materials for the output of radiation and the taking of X-rays:

  • Cameras for X-ray machines (for compatibility with a specific device, consult our manager or study the technical documentation).

  • Receiving and feeding cassettes for cameras.

  • Snapshot button (X-ray control device).

  • Output window (emitter window) for different devices. Carries out the output of X-ray radiation. You can also order petrol resistant rubber gaskets for the output window and oil conservators.

  • Cable glands and their gaskets.

  • Substances for fluoroscopy

  • Everything for the development of X-ray film: developers, fixer, etc.

  • Photoexponometers for fluorography.

Equipment for the installation and movement of devices:

  • Monoblocks for movement and removable wheels, bases and base supports.

  • Photoexponometer for fluorography and tripods for pictures.