Modern veterinary equipment significantly facilitates the work of veterinarians and greatly increases the level of quality of animal medicine. Professional veterinary equipment is designed and manufactured using existing technologies and the latest scientific advancements, thus meeting all the needs of modern veterinary medicine. It also meets all the veterinary medicine standards and enables to perform qualified diagnosis as well as treat any type of animal disease.

These days, the quantity and level of equipment used in modern veterinary clinics matches the quantity and level of equipment used in medical facilities for humans. Veterinary hospitals can use any equipment designed for laboratory tests, radiography, ultrasound and endoscopic examinations, electrocardiography and other instrumental and functional diagnostics.

The increasing interest in pets, especially exotic ones, the growing number of pet breeding businesses, and the development of livestock farms also raise the requirements for the quality of veterinary services. Under such conditions, it is not possible to provide modern qualified assistance without special equipment and instruments, or to compete with other well-equipped clinics.

Veterinary equipment offered by ABMEDICAL stands out with its high functionality, ease of use, high quality, reliability and durability. ABMEDICAL directly supplies any type of equipment to veterinarians and veterinary clinics. Our specialists will help you choose the right veterinary equipment and organise its timely delivery.


Types of animal X-rays

X-ray devices can be stationary and portable, with the latter being more popular since it can be taken to the animal owner’s home, if the animal cannot be transported to the clinic.

The owner of the animal must be aware that there may be a need to sedate the animal if it is restless in order to ensure the high quality of the X-ray image.

You can read the characteristics of the available models on the product page. Unlike traditional X-ray machines, digital X-ray equipment designed for veterinary medicine simplifies the imaging process and guarantees high quality due to the use of a digital receiver. The obtained images can be saved and forwarded to the veterinarian or owner of the animal.

ABMEDICAL offers both stationary and portable X-ray machines for veterinary use, as well as digitization devices and software for professional clinical work.

You can purchase a veterinary X-ray machine via our website or by calling +370 685 777 99. We will happily help you choose the best model for you from our available range of products, as well as help you choose appropriate supplies for a veterinary X-ray machine that you already own.