Equipment for the SWT procedure

Shockwave therapy is an advanced physiotherapy method based on the use of acoustic waves in the infrasound range. In modern medical practice, the SWT method is successfully used to treat a wide range of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and the high efficiency of the method has been clinically proven.

The basis of the device's operation

The basic principle of shockwave therapy is the difference in the conductivity of sound waves in different body environments. As a result, the active action of acoustic impulses occurs at the boundaries separating soft and dense tissue, such as bone-fascia or tendon-muscle. The musculoskeletal apparatus experiences maximum stress at the attachment points of fascia and tendons to the bone, which leads to degenerative-dystrophic changes and inflammation of tissues with the development of many diseases — tendinitis, epicondylitis, enthesopathy, periarthritis.

In the treatment of these diseases, the method of shock wave therapy shows the best results and in many cases has no analogues and alternatives in terms of its effectiveness.

Scope of application of shockwave therapy equipment

Sound waves emitted by the device are not audible, but affect muscle tissue, cartilage, ligaments and bones. Under their influence, fatty deposits and calcifications, cartilage and bone neoplasms are destroyed. The procedure does not cause discomfort and pain, is almost silent, while the working elements of the device do not come into contact with the patient's skin, which provides a high degree of comfort during the session.

SWT makes it possible to accelerate the process of bone regeneration and the formation of calluses after bruises, cracks and fractures. Shock waves restore normal blood circulation in damaged areas of the body, which has a positive effect on their sensitivity and mobility.

During the session, lipid deposits and fibrous structures decompose, which is highly valued in cosmetology. Shock wave therapy is widely used in modern cosmetology. With its help, the general condition of the skin is improved: the procedure improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, contributes to the enrichment of cells with oxygen and the synthesis of collagen in the inner layers of the skin.

The device eliminates the following diseases and complications:

  • muscle and joint pain;

  • obesity and cellulite;

  • osteochondrosis;

  • arthritis and arthrosis;

  • plantar fasciitis;

  • Schmorl's hernia;

  • ligament injuries;

  • abrasions, cracks and fractures.

In cosmetology, SWT is prescribed in the following cases:

  • loss of elasticity and sagging of skin;

  • the formation of facial wrinkles;

  • blockage of the sebaceous glands and pores;

  • disruption of metabolic processes.

However, the procedure should not be administered to patients who use a pacemaker or heart valve, are pregnant and are breastfeeding mothers.

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