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Buying digital and analogue mammography devices from the best manufacturers means taking care not only of your clinic's image, but also of your patients' health. High-quality X-ray equipment is the key to effective diagnostics and therapy. Are you interested in prices? Choose a device. We are ready to advise you.

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The mammography device is a highly effective machine that can be used to give a reliable clinical picture and identify abnormalities and tumours in the mammary gland.

It is common to consider analogue and digital systems, which differ from each other in the way the image is recorded. In the first case, the mammogram is recorded on film and therefore cannot be edited afterwards. In the second case, the image is saved on a digital medium.

Analogue mammography devices

These X-ray units are equipped with a cassette receiver with X-ray film cassettes, which makes it necessary to use a developing machine for mammography equipment. This device would then have to be purchased at a separate price.

The image is recorded on film thanks to the X-rays from the analogue device, which are generated by the tube and pass through the mammary gland during operation.

The disadvantages include the inability to create a copy of the image and to digitally process it instantly. But the price is much lower.

The problem is that the film image cannot be corrected when obscuration and interference occur due to incorrect parameter settings.

However, analogue mammography devices are the most affordable X-ray equipment, which is their advantage over digital mammography devices.

Digital mammography devices

Whereas analogue units use cassettes, the special feature of this mammography equipment is the presence of a digital memory element.

The advantage is that all images can be stored digitally, viewed from a computer at any time, if necessary, edited, changed, printed and also output on film.

The technology and features found in digital mammography systems are helping to enhance your work capabilities and level of diagnostics.

How can I buy digital and analogue mammography devices?

First, study the equipment manufacturers, market prices and compare the technical characteristics of the models. Secondly, contact our specialist to get detailed information about the mammography devices presented and about their prices. Not only will we help you find out how much the equipment you are interested in costs, but we will also help you buy the right equipment at the right price and give you professional advice on choosing the right system.