Device and principle of operation

Modern coagulators and multifunction devices have a touch screen and an intuitive user interface. They are easy to adapt to different types of procedures, making them as easy to use as possible.

The hand-held instruments of the coagulators are equipped with laser emitters that generate light waves. Radiation with a wavelength of 520 nm, 980 nm or 480 nm is used to remove blood vessels. It penetrates the tissues and reaches the blood vessels easily without damaging the skin. Light waves of such length allow fast and efficient coagulation without causing burns.

Upon reaching a blood vessel, the laser radiation is immediately absorbed by fluid and blood hemoglobin. As a result, the blood vessel coagulates or disappears without side effects. The blood vessel may be replaced by a slight reddening of the skin, which disappears quickly. No special rehabilitation treatment is required after the procedure.

The main operating elements of the coagulators are as follows:

  • Hand-held instrument with laser emitter
  • The laser emitter generates light waves and the fiber optic hand-held instrument transmits them into the intravascular fluid, causing coagulation. After that, the walls of the blood vessels stick together and, over time, grow together, the blood stops circulating in them and they become invisible on the skin.
  • Convenient touch screen
  • The intuitive user interface and convenient display ensure easy setup of the device. The coagulator can be adjusted to the required operating mode for a particular patient and procedure.
  • Foot pedal to activate the device
  • A special pedal allows you to switch on the device with your feet when the cosmetologist's hands are busy. The specialist can fully focus on the procedure by conveniently handling all hand-held instruments.

Laser coagulators allow the following:

  • removal of small blood vessels, capillaries and telangiectasia
  • removal of large blood vessels on the face and body
  • non-surgical treatment of varicose veins
  • rosacea treatment
  • removal of nerves and hemangiomas

Benefits of modern coagulators

  • Ease of use
  • Modern models stand out for their affordable and thoughtful design, user-friendly display and intuitive interface. Their use has been made as easy and pleasant as possible.
  • Safety
  • Laser coagulators work exclusively on blood vessels without affecting the skin. They do not cause bruising, burns, scars or unwanted pigmentation. When handled skillfully, the devices will never harm the patient.
  • High efficiency of procedures
  • With coagulators you can remove almost all blood vessels, even large ones. Multifunctional devices are effective in removing small blood vessel formations. Both types of devices provide irreversible loss of blood vessels in just one session.
  • Mobile design
  • Coagulators and multifunctional devices are small and take up little space. They are easy to move, they look stylish and are perfect for the interior of any office.

Buy a device to remove blood vessels

Modern coagulators from reliable manufacturers are available in our online shop. When you order any device, you will receive free delivery and cosmetologist training as a gift. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a laser coagulator, please contact us.