Modern appliance cosmetology include a variety of procedures for skin regeneration, revitalization, rejuvenation, and body shaping and modelling. Every year, they become more and more popular and in demand among the clients of cosmetic clinics, SPA salons and aesthetic medicine institutions.

Today, cosmetology equipment is multifunctional, powerful, safe and easy to use, with a stylish design and minimal space requirement in the workspace. They are easy to use and with them you can serve a large number of customers throughout the day.

AB Medical product range

In the catalogue of AB Medical online store you will find a wide range of professional cosmetology equipment with different functions. These include cosmetology workstations and multifunctional combined devices, accessories for complete procedures and single-function devices. All products meet modern quality and safety requirements and have the necessary documentation, and some models are equipped with a registration certificate.

The presence of equipment with these and other functions in the cosmetologist's office allows to carry out procedures that are demanded by clients, that are effective and bring good profits.

Features and benefits of monofunctional cosmetology devices

When choosing equipment for a cosmetologist's office, experts quite often pay attention to equipment with one function, as the purchase of this equipment expands the range of services offered at minimal cost. In the catalogues of AB Medical you will find a selection of monofunctional devices for appliance cosmetology devices. Such devices have their own characteristics and advantages that should be taken into account when purchasing:

  • Convenient control panel. Unlike multifunctional combination devices with many buttons and switches, single-function devices have a simple and intuitive control system
  • Compact dimensions. Most equipment simply fits on a cosmetologist's trolley or desk
  • Abundant equipment. The devices are equipped with all the necessary working hand-held instruments, nozzles and other equipment needed to carry out the procedures.
  • An affordable price allows you to purchase equipment to provide the required services without incurring excessive financial costs
  • Fast profitability. By providing the required services, a specialist can increase the profitability of their cosmetologist's office in the shortest possible time

Beauty Way's single-function cosmetics are designed for professional use in the fields of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Having selected several devices, the cosmetologist can perform complex procedures for the face and body. Detailed product description, functionality, technical specifications and configuration can be found on the product pages of our online store.

Possibilities of modern appliance cosmetology

Today, appliance cosmetology involves a complex of various rejuvenating and therapeutic procedures performed by qualified dermato-cosmetologists using a special device. Most of the techniques are based on physiotherapeutic effects characterised by naturalness, pain relief, rapid action and versatility. With the development of innovative technology, laser and injectable procedures have been added to the services offered by cosmetologist's offices.

The effectiveness of beauty treatments using special equipment far exceeds the results of even the most expensive creams, masks and serums used at home. This is mainly due to the fact that the effect of the device is directed to the deeper layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It has a complex effect at the cellular level and activates natural healing, recovery and rejuvenation processes.

Physiotherapy techniques are usually painless and only a few require local anesthesia. As for the rehabilitation period, it is either completely absent or lasts no longer than 48 hours (for example, slight redness or swelling may occur in the area to be treated after laser exposure). To achieve the maximum desired result, the appliance procedures can be supplemented with the use of cosmetic or medical products that penetrate deep into the skin layers by physiotherapy or are injected with microneedles.